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From Lamestream to Mainstream: A Review of How Entre Institute is Revolutionizing Entrepreneurial Education

Welcome to my Entre Institute review!

So, what makes this review different?

I am a student of Entre.

I had the opportunity to become a student at Entre Institute, and it completely changed the way I view entrepreneurship.

This program teaches you all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your own business.

What sets Entre Institute apart from other programs is its focus on providing students with an immersive experience.

You’ll be able to learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in the world, and you’ll also get access to exclusive resources that you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition, the program is very affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to attend.

When I first heard about Entre Institute, I was immediately intrigued.

This program sounded like it could be exactly what I needed to jump-start my entrepreneurial career.

I was not disappointed! Entre Institute delivered on everything it promised, and then some.

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is the CEO of Entre Institute. He wanted to develop education that provides students with an immersive experience in entrepreneurship.

His innovative approach to entrepreneurial education is far more than anything you would experience at a university.

On the university campus, courses in business and marketing are taught by educators from a textbook. Not much credibility!

Jeff Lerner has a long and successful track record in business, and he is passionate about helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

He has built multiple 7 figure businesses from scratch, and he knows what it takes to be successful in business.

He didn’t come from a formal educational background either but rather entered the digital entrepreneurial industry as a struggling musician who was in debt of over $400,000 after a restaurant startup failed.

In 2008, knowing there had to be a way out of his predicament, Jeff never gave up on his dreams of entrepreneurship and marched on to getting completely out of debt and has gone on to make over $50 million dollars in sales since.

It’s no secret within the Entre community that Jeff’s ultimate dream is to create an education system that turns today’s formal education system completely on its head!

He is well on his way to doing exactly that with Entre Institute!

Why Did I Become a Student of Entre Institute?

As an internal medicine physician practicing as a hospitalist, I had become disillusioned from the standpoint there is no career advancement from the moment we complete our training.

At least I would be my own boss… or so I thought.

I felt “stuck.”

This led to my research for additional income ideas.

Unfortunately, I purchased more than one course only to discover they were missing multiple education pieces and had no real technical education. Neither taught you how to build your own assets in detail.

At last, I came across a video of this guy, Jeff Lerner, who was just straightforward. No gimmicks, no “get rich quick” claims.

After some additional research on Entre, I clicked on the link and purchased the Entre Blueprint.

With completion of each video, I began to realize this was the breakthrough I had been searching for.

Disclosure statement: I am an affiliate of Entre Institute. If you purchase their program through my link, I may receive a commission. This comes at no additional cost to you. I recommend this program because I believe it is the best entrepreneurial education of its kind.

Entre Institute Products

Entre Blueprint

In this series of 9 videos, 3 different business models are explained after a deep dive training focused on setting your mind up for success.

The first video is an introduction, and the last 2 videos are to help you plan your business and get started. The meat of the videos are 6 steps that walk you through the principles and models.

Video steps 1 – 3, cover the principles of balance between your physical, personal, and professional life. To live a truly successful life in all aspects, balancing your “3 P’s” is an absolute must.

This training is the “secret sauce” to living the life of your dreams!

Video steps 4 – 6, cover the business models including the affiliate marketing business, the digital marketing agency, and the knowledge (digital course) business. Jeff explains each business model clearly leaving you with the knowledge you need to decide which one is right for you.

Some students have started one business and once up and running add another and there are some that have started businesses using all 3 models.

Price: $39

Want to get started with Entre? Just CLICK the banner below:

Affiliate Business Accelerator

In this in-depth course focused on affiliate marketing, you have over 130 videos (ranging from a few minutes to over an hour) packed into 11 modules.

These modules include basic affiliate principles, copywriting, digital assets and funnel design, traffic basics, how to find good affiliate offers, consultative sales approach, putting it all together, social media presence, and strategy.

This step-by-step course is taught by an expert in affiliate marketing who currently has his own 7-figure per year business and does so in multiple niches.

This course is updated often to keep up with industry changes.

You do not have to have technical skills besides turning on a computer, email, text messaging, basic internet searches, and the ability to purchase items on the internet. This was the level I was at when I started. If I can do it – anyone can!

Price: $1997

If you want to get started with Entre, click here.

Agency Business Accelerator

In this in-depth course focused on agency marketing, you have over 80 videos packed into 10 modules.

These modules include intro to agency ownership, intro to digital services, creating your agency business, understanding digital marketing, solutions/managing pipeline, launching your agency, outsourcing, client services management, onboarding clients, and more.

This step-by-step course is taught by an expert in agency marketing who currently has her own 6-figure per year agency. She has extensive experience in the industry prior to starting her own agency and brings massive value and insight to this course.

Price: $1997

If you want to get started with Entre, click here.

Knowledge (Course) Business Accelerator

In this in-depth course focused on the creation of your own knowledge-based business, you have over 40 videos packed into 5 modules.

These modules include an introduction to digital course creation, product viability and market research, the tech behind the digital course creation, launching, marketing, and fulfillment of your digital course, and more.

This step-by-step course is taught by an expert in digital course creation, and he has created multiple digital course businesses that generate 6 and 7 figure per year businesses.

This course teaches you everything you need to know to create a knowledge-based business that can become the ultimate passive income business in the future.

You don’t want to miss this course! Digital education is projected to be worth over $1 trillion and is expected to grow even more over decades.

With this powerful course, you can turn your knowledge into a legacy!

Price: $1997

If you want to get started with Entre, click here.

Digital Bundle

This is your opportunity to save thousands by purchasing all 3 courses at one time!

If you enrolled in university courses to learn these principles and skills, you’d spend $10,000+ per year and probably more because it would take you years to get a fraction of the knowledge that you get in these courses!

You’re getting an AMAZING amount of savings for the value!

I bought this incredible bundle and plan to have all 3 businesses in the future.

Price: $3997

Want to get started with Entre? Just CLICK the banner below:

Entre Coaching

If you’re like me and want to “turbocharge” your results, then this 1-year mentorship package is for you!

Additionally, if you’re “tech-challenged,” the Entre Coaching program also comes with Technical Support Office Hours where you get one on one support from amazing “digital masters” who can help you set up, fix, link up, and create anything you can imagine!

For me, being held accountable for getting through the training videos and implementing the knowledge the right way was another reason why I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Entre Coaching.

Well worth your money!

(I purchased a 1-year program, but there are other options available)

Entre Inner Circle

This is a 1-year program that is sure to step up your business game! Here you gain access to Jeff Lerner and his Inner Circle to consult directly on your business.

Additionally, the program is packed with exclusive training from not only Jeff but also other Inner Circle members and special guests that are top in their industries.

To further power pack your success, there are 2 LIVE Mastermind workshop events yearly that are 3 days each where you meet with Jeff and his Inner Circle face to face for intensive tips and strategies.

The Inner Circle also includes members-only wealth-creation opportunities as well as executive training.

The driving force of this curriculum is built around cooperative alliance among the 5 pillars of entrepreneurship.

Millionaire Productivity Secrets

If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with everything on your “To Do” list, then here is a program made just for you!

The curriculum provided in this course is designed to make you a master of productivity.

There are 19 modules and multiple other students and coaches have reported this course increased their productivity level, increased business revenue, and gave them more personal time.

I plan on doing this program this fall.

Price: $197

Additional Support from Entre Institute

Starting your own business can be the biggest challenge of your life.

Luckily, you’re not alone!

There are numerous Facebook Groups that you can join and within those you will find an incredibly active community asking questions, getting answers, support, posting ideas, resources to check out, and more.

There are live events within the groups from coaches as well.

You meet many others just like you, so no one is alone on their journey.

The Entre communities are the most positive, kind, and supportive people ever!

If You’re Still Skeptical About Entre Institute: Legit or Not?

It is totally legit!

I know there are some reviews that may say otherwise, but has the reviewer gone through the Entre curriculum?

I highly doubt it.

Therefore, their review is not from actual experience.

There are many courses and “gurus” out there.

I bought a few of those courses and quickly figured out, they cut corners on knowledge and didn’t provide nearly the technical information you need to start and scale a business the right way.

So, ask yourself, what other entrepreneurial curriculum features:

  • Education on building and scaling 3 different digital marketing businesses.
  • Each of the business models is proven to be successful.
  • Step-by-step instruction videos are done by mentors who are themselves, successful entrepreneurs, using the same business model.

If you’re looking for an entrepreneurial education that is truly top-notch, then look no further than Entre Institute.

This program will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your own business.

Entre has set up support through social media groups where you have a community of people on the same journey. I can’t say there has been a more supportive community anywhere.

People in these groups are active, post questions, posts answers, motivate, and connect. Several Entre coaches and support staff are also in the groups and lend amazing value as well.

Without reservation, I highly recommend Entre Institute to anyone who is serious about becoming a digital entrepreneur!



Want to get started with Entre? Just CLICK the banner below:

We are living in a digital world!

Every journey begins with a first step. So, get started today!

I hope you find this review on Entre Institute helpful and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or send me an email.

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-Kelly Thurmon

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