About Kelly Thurmon

Hi – my name is Kelly Thurmon, the creative visionary and full-time physician behind The Doctor’s View. I am practicing as a board-certified internal medicine physician working as a hospitalist now for 12 years out of residency. I have been reading about several concerns happening in our profession really for a few years, but it seems the increased stress of the past fourteen plus months has made issues worse.

I could not really put my finger on what happened in my situation, but I started to realize my attitude had shifted in a negative way. Maybe, I was this way and just did not notice and the past year just made me think deeper about the state of our profession. Then there were multiple articles that many physicians were either broke or living paycheck to paycheck. There are articles about physicians looking to start side businesses to supplement income. But sadly, more articles continued to report the majority of physicians surveyed are dissatisfied with their jobs. This is indicative of a more chronic problem not being addressed.

The dedication and discipline required to get through medical school, then residency, then working in the real world of medicine never really lets up. One continues to work toward professional excellence constantly learning and increasing our value imparted to those we serve. All the while, attention to our physical and personal lives suffer and an imbalance develops possibly leading to negative feelings.

I created The Doctor’s View to shift the conversation away from the negatives and promote positive changes. We have been hearing about the issues our profession is facing. . . (Personally, I’ve spent more than enough time dwelling on them.)

The mission of The Doctor’s View is to provide information and motivation dedicated toward helping physicians create and maintain the life of their dreams. Inspire innovative and creative ways to achieve an outstanding and rewarding physical, personal, and professional life that you deserve.

I am on this journey as well so let’s build an awesome life!