The Doctors View is a blog dedicated to helping physicians to achieve the perfect balance in their physical, personal, and professional lives.

By a physician for physicians.

In order to deliver truly excellent service and pursue innovative solutions, we need to take care of ourselves!

We’ll do a deep dive into what is the 3P’s and you will see how you can optimize these in your journey. You can create new ideas of your own that suits your goals.


Step up to every challenge with overflowing energy and an unstoppable mindset. Building, maintaining, and optimizing body, mind, and spirit.


Personal wellness underscores everything else, and it defines what you’re really capable of. Relationships involving who you regularly interact with and impact (direct connections).


Sense of value and impact to others in professional life. Realizing potential, innovative and creative capacities. Relationships involving indirect connections.

A Holistic Approach To Investing, Personal Finance, And Physician Business Solutions

Physicians face increasing personal and professional stress, which has only escalated over time. While specific events, such as the recent pandemic, have created both personal and professional challenges for many physicians, it is not a new phenomenon.

At The Doctor’s View, the focus is on providing practical, strategic information to physicians in a holistic way that includes the personal, physical, and professional, or what we call the 3 P’s. Written by a practicing, board certified physician for other physicians, this unique blog provides timely, relevant, and real-world information on topics such as:

  • Physician entrepreneurship
  • Personal development
  • Investing for physicians
  • Business ideas for doctors

Topics That Matter

Another topic you will find in the blogs is physician leadership development, including tools and ideas that can be implemented immediately to help you achieve your goals.

On the financial side, we address a wide range of subjects and ideas, including the important topics of physician investing and physicians finance. We also recognize the challenges of personal finance for doctors and look at practical ways to stay on top of your money and budget even when working long hours.

If you are looking for physician business solutions or tips on investing for doctors, The Doctor’s View is the ideal place for curated content that is specific, focused, and directed to professionals in the medical field.

Take some time and browse the blogs, read about the topics of interest, and get involved in the conversation. We would love to hear your ideas, stories, and topics of interest; reach out to the team at The Doctor’s View to start the discussion.

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Hi – my name is Kelly Thurmon, the creative visionary and full-time physician behind The Doctor’s View. I am practicing as a board-certified internal medicine physician working as a hospitalist now for 12 years out of residency. I have been reading about several concerns happening in our profession really for a few years, but it seems the increased stress of the past fourteen plus months has made issues worse.

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